Today was my first work day after my summer vacation. For me this is a good time to make a fresh start and to think about what I wish to achieve in the upcoming period.
I like to keep developing myself and I need to have something to look forward to or to work towards to, otherwise I get bored.

I just got back from my second vacation this year and this one was also to the USA and again last-minute. It was a great vacation, of which I spend 10 days in the south of Florida and 4 days in the Washington DC area. My homecoming on the other hand was just depressing! When arriving at Amsterdam Airport I found out that KLM had lost my luggage… As you can figure, my happy mood was completely gone at the moment I noticed that my suitcase was not at the luggage belt where it needed to be. This all meant that I lost all my stuff until further notice. So I needed to do some mandatory shopping for some toiletries and makeup to make sure I would appear bright and fresh at work the next day (read: to cover up my jet lag). When making up a report KLM ensured me that there was a 99% chance that my luggage would turn up within 24 hours. Of course after a couple of days there still wasn’t any news! Grrrrr!

Since I don’t have any vacation plans soon + the whole luggage drama there is a good chance that I get bored again without any focus. This brings me back to that fresh new start which I was talking about earlier. Today I was a perfect time to start thinking about what I want to do the rest of this year and what I would like to do in the future. I know that I think about this a lot, but that’s needed to keep my productivity up and to have a little fun. Otherwise I would just be working, eating and sleeping during the week and have nothing to do in the weekends. This would cause me to get lazy and lose ambition and that’s not what I want.

Anyway, meanwhile it’s getting more clear to me that I would like some more freedom in my work. By that I mean I would like to be more mobile and flexible (and not travel 2.5 hours every day) or maybe even work (from) abroad.
Also I really like what I am doing now, but I would like to do more web designing and that’s what my current job is lacking. We currently use an external web design company and all I do is to change and add the content of the websites. But I also know that my own web design skills could use an upgrade, so for now my current job is fine. Improving/updating my web design skills is my main priority in my spare time.

In the future I would like to start with giving basic (online) marketing advice and build websites on a freelance basis for small entrepreneurs. Something like I did for my final thesis for my dad’s store. I can use all the experience I am gaining at my current job.
The advantage of this perspective would be freedom, because other than some meetings with your customers, you can do that job anywhere you want to. A disadvantage would be the financial insecurity of being an entrepreneur. I hope that once I am ready to start, I can slowly build down my hours at my full time job and build up the hours I would work for myself. Complete wishful thinking for now…

The remaining time of this year I’m going to work towards that goal by developing my knowledge and skills in web design and online marketing. Luckily this will have a positive effect on both my current job as well as my ambitions.
I would also like to enhance my language skills: German for my job and restarting the Italian course because I think that’s a beautiful language. These skills will come in handy during my travels as well.

By the way, I have already thought of a name for my future business! But I am keeping this a secret until I’ve got a logo and website for it…