flowerLately I have been trying to stimulate my creativity by doing different projects. Amongst those projects are things like crochet, origami, jewelry making, drawing/painting and trying out new stuff for websites. I regularly post the results of my projects on my Instagram and from there also on my Facebook, Twitter etc. Because I received lots of positive reactions to the posts, I came up with the idea of creating a new category in my blog: Creative!

Soon there will follow a creative blog about my first crochet project. My brother became a dad for the first time in August, which made me an aunt of a beautiful niece Skylar. I wanted to start crochet for a while, but didn’t know where to start. I also wanted to give baby Skylar a fun and unique gift. When I visited the wool shop in Leidschendam, I found a nice pattern for a granny square with an crochet amigurumi elephant. So cute! So next I immediately selected some nice colors and the choice for my gift/first crochet project was made.
I will eleborate on this crochet project furthermore in the upcoming blog.

After that my next creative blog will be about a origami project I finished recently. My mom bought the supplies for this project on a crea fair. The end result is hanging in my living room at the moment and personally I think it turned out beautifully.

Also lately I have been going to hobby fairs regularly and this will probably result in even more projects. I will try to work out as many of them in my blogs. In any case you should also keep following my Instagram: instagram @charissameijer