2014Every year I start the new year in good spirits with a list of resolutions. But before I start with my list, I look back to the list of the previous year and how that year went. I started 2013 as well spirited as any other year with some resolutions and a couple of wishes. Unfortunately it soon turned out that this year wasn’t going to go as I had hoped, when my health completely failed me in January. Instead I could look forward to a long and slow healing process. This also caused me to lose my job, so I also reached rock bottom financially and in my career. Luckily I can look back to the second half more positive. I moved in with my boyfriend in July, and had a wonderful vacation in Italy. My health also made rapid progress. I used this time to further develop myself in the field of webdesign and marketing. Eventually I started 2014 with more knowledge and skills, with 5 kilo less weight and feeling healthier than ever before (as far as I can remember anyway)!

In 2014 I am going to completely focus myself on finding a new job in webdesign, preferably in combination with (online) marketing advice. Besides that I am going to try to find customers for my own company, CharM Webmarketing, where I want to work as a freelancer in i.a. building websites as a little extra. But for the time being I won’t be able to earn enough that way, so I’ll focus myself on the job hunt.

Nowadays looking for work is a full-time job in itself and one with a very slim chance of success. That’s why I am going to network actively as much as possible and optimize my personal branding besides just searching for vacancies regularly. I’m going to be more active on social media and I intend to post something on my website at least once a month.

To further increase my chance of success in finding that coveted job I am going to increase my knowledge and skills even more. I started a new course in November at the LOI for Professional Webdesigner. During the period that I won’t be working yet officially, I will attempt to finish this course as much as possible. Meanwhile I have also ordered a few new books about online marketing, making WordPress themes and social media, which I am doing to devour ASAP.

Besides the job hunt I need to regain some financial stability, because being unemployed isn’t all that great. Hopefully I can go on vacation to the US with my boyfriend in 2015, to New York and Washington, because that is something we would like to do before we possible start thinking about expanding the family. Also I would like to start with lessons for my driver license this year, because that will make living in Berkel en Rodenrijs, where public transportation is scarce, a lot easier.

Since 2013 was mainly centered around my health which influenced me in a negative way especially in the first half of the year, I will keep paying close attention to it in 2014. I have drastically changed my food patterns in 2013 with drinking a lot more water, I’am following some guide lines of phytotherapy and basically try to eat as healthy as I can and cut back on snacking (especially at night). In 2014 I intend to keep doing what I am doing and try to optimize it even further. Hopefully I will lose some more weight to reach a bmi of 22.5. To reach this I would need to lose about another 3.5 kilo. What I definitely don’t want is to gain weight again! I’ve set my maximum weight to 75 kilo, which is the limit of my comfort zone. In the beginning of 2013 I weighed way more that and now I am slightly beneath it, and it shows!

Besides watching my food pattern and weight, I will also try to listen to my own body even better. In the past people told me not to whine when I wasn’t feeling well which caused me to walk around with my complaints for far too long. Now I intend to listen less to my surroundings and more to my own body and instinct. Luckily I already have conquered so much in the last year, that my health is currently so good that I didn’t have the flu or even a cold in a year, while in the past I used to get sick from the smallest sneeze or cough. So for me this is a hugh milestone!

After all I am excited to take on new challenges and especially just enjoy everything that life has to offer.
Off to my 30th birthday and 2015!