The year 2012 was a very good year for me! New job in online marketing, two vacations to the USA and a new relationship.
On the other hand 2013 started pretty bad, my health failed on me big time in January. Meanwhile my contract at work ended during the time I was sick at the end of February and they didn’t offer me a new one. So at the moment I am at home unemployed and still healing.

In case of my health I think it was a good thing, which clearly needed to happen to eventually be better. The healing process is really slow, but once I get where I need to be, my health will be better than before and will bother me less. This is what I am looking forward to and till that time I listen closely to what my body tells me.

On the professional level the following movie has giving me a good wake-up call to gain a positive view on that future as well.

Since I am currently without a job anyway, this is the perfect time to really think about what I want to do and just do it.
What I really want, is to work as an entrepreneur to give marketing advice and mainly make websites. At the moment I am using this period of sickness to prepare myself for this journey. I don’t have a lot of energy, but all the energy I do have, I use to develop my knowledge and skills in webdesign and marketing.
I have picked up my course in Online Marketing again and already have read several books on webdesign. And there are some more waiting.

During the upcoming period I will keep focussing on getting better, while also trying to start my own business. But if I were to fail in this by the time I get better, at least I will have more knowledge and skills to offer when I need to start applying for jobs again.