A while ago I wrote about taking control back over my health. I was doing that by exercising more and building up my muscle strength, all to get a tighter body. Even though this was the case with my stomache and upper legs, my weight was still almost the maximum weight that I am allowed to weigh and I still had a lot of fat stuck in different areas. Besides that I was and am still recovering and all that exercise cost me a lot of energy that I needed for other things… So I thought I needed to try something else to lose some weight/get a tighter body and to save more energy. That’s when my dad gave me some information which seemed like a gift from heaven, or better said: a gift of Mother Nature.

What my dad gave me was an information book about Phytotherapy. Phytotherapy is the treatment of complaints and illnesses with natural medicine which are made of whole plants or plant parts. The important difference between phytotherapy and homeopathy is that in phytotherapy the effective plant part is processed, without any addition, into a ready-to-use drug, while homeopathy works with tinctures that are highly diluted with alcohol. Anyway, in this book I found a list of uses for complaints and illnesses involving which plants would be helpful.

In the list of uses there were also matters mentioned on how you could lose weight/get slimmer, like “slimming down”, “hunger killer”, “obstipation”, “overweight” with different causes, “cellulite”, “desire for sweetness”, “bowel problems”, “emaciation”, “(local) fat accumulation”, “fat burning” and “obesity”. With all these cases the list notes which plants and herbs could be best used. Like you can imagine, many of the noted plants and herbs work well for multiple of these cases and overlap. It is the art to find a good combination and it will take some tries to find it.

The mix of plants and herbs that I have found for myself, which I think suits me best is a combination of pineapple, Green Tea, Javanese Tea and Maté. Additionally during the weeks I don’t eat anything at night anymore, drink 2 liters of water a day and try to avoid products with added sugar (don’t overdo this) and/or try to replace those with products which contain alternative sweeteners.

I use the pineapple to reduce the local fat accumulations, but it’s also good against cellulite and I use it fresh in my breakfast. For this I slaughter a whole pineapple once every few days, slice it up and throw one slice in a blender every day. I add fresh orange jus (from 2 oranges) and fat and sugar free vanilla yoghurt. The remaining slices I save in an air-thight container in the fridge. So my breakfast consists of 1 or 2 large cups of fresh fruit smoothie, containing the pineapple, dairy (without fat and sugar) and fresh orange juice (for those lovely vitamins). It doesn’t seem as much, but it makes me full untill lunch.

The Green Tea speaks for itself, I drink 4 cups of it maximal a day. Green Tea has a lipolytic effect. The containing caffeine stimulates the extraction of fats from fat cells and Green Tea also reduces the intake of sugars and fats from nutrition which eventually lowers the calorie supply. Because I don’t really like the taste of green tea that much, I drink green tea with an extra flavor. At the organics store of my dad I buy several different variaties of green tea with real fruit, like blue berry, promegranate & raspberry and peach with blossom. This way I can vary my green teas so it doesn’t get boring and so I don’t need to add extra sweetener.

Because I drink a lot a day I also use capsules of Javanese Tea. Javanes Tea has a diuretic effect which helps me to cleanse my body faster. Also the fats that the Green Tea loosens are being flushed away quicker which should lead to an even better result. I also use Maté in capsules, which is a “fat eater” and “sugar catcher”. I use this as an extra way to burn even more fat. Don’t you like green tea and/or pineapple? These are also available in capsules.

I think I’ve been doing this new lifestyle for nearly 2 months now and I actually don’t exercise anymore at all. During lunch I’ve switch my sandwiches for Wasa light weight crackers, but other than that I still eat snacks and as much dinner as I want to. Meanwhile I have lost about 2,5 kilo, but the effect in the mirror is much more visible than on the scale! My lovehandles which were oh-so-visible untill recently are getting really hard to get a hold off now, my stomache is flat and my upper legs are slimmer. Even my breasts lost one cup size, which is kind of a relief for me, because now I can buy my bikini’s and brah’s in normal lingerie stores again and they’re so much cheaper now…

All and all you shouldn’t expect a miracle cure that makes the weight fly off and the capsules aren’t cheap (my guess is about as expensive as a gym), but without any further effort at all my body really looks a whole lot better. I’ve also been feeling better in my body now that the maximum weight limit is getting further and further away. Now I don’t have to worry about getting too heavy once I’ve eaten a bit more than normal during the upcoming holidays. I have already reached my first goal weight and I am curious how far I can come, I secretly hope to reach a bmi of 22.5…