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Crochet: Amigurumi elephant granny square

In this post I will share the pattern of my first crochet project, the amigurumi elephant granny square. Maybe some of you would like to try to make it as well. I’ve made photos of the different phases, even though there are still some beginners-/beauty flaws in them. Because even I’m not perfect…

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New category in my blog: Creative!

flowerLately I have been trying to stimulate my creativity by doing different projects. Amongst those projects are things like crochet, origami, jewelry making, drawing/painting and trying out new stuff for websites. I regularly post the results of my projects on my Instagram and from there also on my Facebook, Twitter etc. Because I received lots of positive reactions to the posts, I came up with the idea of creating a new category in my blog: Creative!

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My New Years resolutions for 2014

2014Every year I start the new year in good spirits with a list of resolutions. But before I start with my list, I look back to the list of the previous year and how that year went.

In this blog I look back to 2013 and I’ll write about my resolutions for 2014.

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Personal branding

Nowadays it seems to keep getting harder to stand out and to look unique. People are literally applying for jobs with hundreds at a time. Even on the wintery street scene most look just gray and dull in their dark clothes and dark coats, nobody really stands out. Yet everyone is unique! How can you manage to not be seen as one those gray mice, or as one of the 13 in a dozen? The answer is personal branding!

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Experience culture during the Museum Nights

(Nederlands) In Nederland worden elk jaar gedurende het hele jaar verschillende Museumnachten gehouden. Deze worden gehouden in een aantal van de grote steden in de Randstad, namelijk Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag, Utrecht, Leiden en Delft. Tijdens een Museumnacht kunnen bezoekers die in het bezit zijn van een kaartje een polsbandje halen waarmee zij tussen 7 of 8 uur ‘s avonds en 2 uur ‘s nachts tientallen musea kunnen bezoeken in de desbetreffende stad.

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